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Empower your team with modern VoIP features for better support, call handling, and group productivity.

Smart Call Transfer
Transfer all internal or external calls to a single agent or an entire department.
Call Notes
Add notes to every call, during or after your conversation, to save important negotiation details.
Call Tags
Use our tags to classify your calls by type and easily identify them in your call log.
In a single click, your sales team can reduce misdialing and start making 8x more calls a day.
Custom Call ID
Automatically match your caller ID to the outbound call’s destination country so your international clients receive a local phone call.
Wrap-up Time
Set a designated amount of time between calls so your agents can properly work on resolving each caller’s inquiries.
SMS Tool
Send text messages to individual numbers or a specified group, schedule a time to send, and choose a template or create a custom message.
DND (Do-not-disturb)
Active the “Do-Not-Disturb” setting in your User Portal to reroute calls to your voicemail or the next available team member.
Desktop Notification
Receive incoming call alerts on your desktop and quickly connect to callers by simply clicking on the pop-up notification.
Individual Voicemail
View each voicemail’s mailbox number, time and date, mailbox type, the name of the caller and listen to the recorded message.
Ring on Speaker
Allow incoming calls to ring on speaker, rather than the headsets, when your team members are away from their desks.
Speed Dial
In your User Portal, you can assign short codes to each team member’s number to add them to the system’s speed dial.
Ring on Announcement
Allow callers to listen to an announcement, on-hold music, or a greeting message while their call simultaneously rings for an agent to answer.
Call Waiting
Receive notifications for incoming calls while engaging with another caller.
Parallel Calls
Place your call on hold and simultaneously being another call with a seperate party.


Reap the rewards of a collaborative phone system that enables your staff can work as a single, well-organised team.

Call Group
Create call groups to ensure all incoming calls ring multiple agents at the same time.
Call Pick Up
When you receive an incoming call, dial 9 and quickly connect to the caller on your extension.
Group Voicemail Box
Team access to a list of voicemail recordings that can be played directly from the User Portal.
Queue Callback
If all your agents are unable, the caller can choose to stay on the line and join a queue or receive a callback once an agent becomes available.
Call Conferencing Room
Provide your clients with a security code, unique number, or free access to your customisable Call Conference Room.
Distinctive Ringtones
Set custom ringtones for internal and external calls so you can easily differentiate between a staff member and client’s calls.
Call Blocking
Block unwanted inbound calls, such as solicitors and scammers, so your agents can stay focused on serving valuable callers.
Shared Contacts
When a contact is saved in your User Portal, every team member can access, update and use the shared phonebook to call the new contact.


Using our premium VoIP features, you can easily streamline your call flows and automate daily tasks.

Time-based Call Routing
Set different routes for your incoming calls based on the time of the day.
Auto-Attendant with Greeting Messages
Automatically greet and transfer callers to an extension without an operator or receptionist.
Missed Call Email Notification
Receive automated email notifications for all of your missed calls.
Automated Caller ID
Our system automatically selects the correct caller ID from your list of geographic numbers to match the country you are calling.
Send a voicemail as an audio file to an email address. The recipient can download the file and play it on their smartphone or PC.
Call Forward to Mobile
During closing hours, choose to forward callers to the duty manager’s mobile or a separate office in a different time-zone.
Multiple Voice Menu
Use the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu to design your call flows, set custom greetings and more.
Call-ID Number-name
View the name of each caller, their number, organisation and more before the call connects.
User Offline Notification
When an extension goes offline for more than 5 minutes, managers will receive a notification.
Multiple Ring Strategy
Select a group and choose one of the six settings to distribute calls: Ring All, Least Recent, Fewest Calls, Random, Round Round Robin Memory and Linear.
Call Backup
During a power outage, our system will automatically divert all incoming calls to another location or mobile number to ensure business continuity.
International User Localization
Assign a local area code to a user operating within the region.
Group Timeout Action
Now, teams and departments can back each other up with timeout action and an automated call transfer between groups.
Callback Widget
Give your website visitors the option to request a call with one of your team members in less than 15 seconds.
Coming Soon: Q3, 2020
In a single click, you can scan your CRM, compile a list of numbers, and automatically call each contact, one by one.
Speech to Text
Coming Soon: Q3, 2020
A multi-language voice recognition app that transcribes your spoken words into text! Easily record notes, hands free, with just your voice.

Monitoring & Management

Discover key insights into your peak time, team members’ status, call logs, most productive agent and more.

Live Call Wallboard
Full visibility of each agent’s status, real-time call stats, and your most productive agents.
Live Call Monitoring
Dial a custom code and listen to live calls to monitor each team member’s quality of service.
Team Status
Quick access to your entire team’s extension status on our Desktop, Mobile or Softphone apps.
Advanced Call Logs
Filter call logs per extension, business number, team, type of call, contact number and more.
Call Tracking
Track each agent’s outbound call ratio and performance of your call center.
Peak Time
Discover the peak times of your incoming calls to ensure agents are available during those times.
Call Stats
View key performance indicators and statistics like missed call rate, call queues, call volume, wait time and more.
Extension Usage
Assign a two-digit extension number to each team member then review their extension usage to track performances.
Agent Reporting
Provide agents with feedback based on KPIs and statistics to help them optimise their strengths as well as focus on areas of improvement.
Daily/Weekly Email Report
Receive scheduled email reports on the stats of your team, phone system, call ratio and more.
Call Barring
Restrict certain types of outbound calls, like scammers and costly international numbers.
Online User Management
Easily manage your entire phone system online through our User Portal.
Agent Ranking
Coming Soon
Improve your agent’s performance by combining data with gamification.

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