HubSpot Integration with
NUACOM Cloud Phone System

Connect our Powerful Telephony Features to your Hubspot Account
and enhance the way your staff communicate with your prospects!

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Hubspot Integration
NUACOM VoIP Phone System with HubSpot Integration

Calls & Emails, in one place!

  • All call logs are displayed in the HubSpot Interface under the contact profile page.
  • Notes can be added to a call activity to save the outcome of a conversation.
  • Managers can easily view the outcome of a call or playback the recording.

Auto Call Log

Call Recording

Add Call Notes

Increase Agents’ Productivity

  • Maximise calls with our Click-to-call feature.
  • Eliminate misdialing and boost connectivity with clients.
  • Call recordings are available directly in the HubSpot interface.
Small office Softphone

Boost Performance

Book More Meetings

Close More Deals

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