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“Integrates with many tools we use for our sales and support functions.”

David Banaghan,

Head of Sales, Occupop

Optimizing Your Sales Process

Save Negotiation Details
Add notes during a call, classify them with tags, and play back recordings.
Call Analytics and Reports
Access key metrics, reports, each agent’s KPI, live stats and more.
Centralize Sales Process
Bring your sales calls to your CRM, and 100+ business apps.
Complete Mobility
Handle sales calls from your PC, mobile or IP phone, any where.

Boost Your Sales Calls

Solution - Call Center 1.2
Boost your connection ratio and reduce misdialing in one click.
Incoming Call Pop-up
Get notifications with each caller’s details right on your PC.
Wrap-up Time
A timed break between calls for agents to work on each request.
Call Tags & Notes
Easily classify and add valuable information to your sales call.
Solution - Call Center 1.2

Everything a Sales Leader Needs
to Monitor and Improve Performance

Solution - Sales 1.3
Live Calls Wallboard
See each extension status, waiting queue and live calls.
Agent Performance
Track KPI stats, per agent or per group, with 8 must-have data.
Sales Calls Report
Generate detailed reports based on your call data.
CRM Integration
Centralize your calls activities in 20+ CRM systems.
Live Call Monitoring
Listen to live calls and assist your agents, whenever they need you.
Missed Calls Notification
Get an email notification for every missed sales call.
Extension Monitoring
Get notified if a sales agent goes offline during business hours.
Sales & Marketing
Use your sales call data to optimize your marketing campaigns and conversions.

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